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In 1984, ArbiterSports pioneered the use of computer technology to help manage officiating programs. Today, sports leagues and associations manager nearly 10 million tasks using ArbiterSports technology across the US.


Arbiter’s no rookie in the youth sports space, and it’s for that reason that we’re excited to announce an integration from their robust scheduling software, ArbiterGame, to our professional suite and SportsHub platform.

As we grow as a company, our mission remains the same – we’re in the business of creating better local communities by bringing them in around high school sports. And between the many schools currently using the VNN platform in tandem with Arbiter and those state associations interested in a powerful task and communications tool to streamline the workflows of their member schools, this integration is another step toward making high school sports easier to be a part of, whether in your office, on the field, from the stands, or halfway across the country.

If you’re currently using ArbiterGame to manage your schedules and want to sync with your VNN platform, reach out to your Media Coach direct, email, or call 616.930.4100.

Not a VNN school yet? We’d love to show you what we offer – just schedule a demo and we’ll send over one of our over 100 local sales reps who are already part of your community.

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