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Grand Rapids, MI (August 20, 2019) – Eighty-one (81) percent of Americans have a smartphone; fifty (50) percent of Americans claim to carry cash less than half the time when they are out; and seventy (70) percent use a digital calendar or scheduling application to coordinate their schedules. 

Despite these numbers, high school sports have remained largely paper-based. Recognizing the growing demands and expectations for a digital experience – from athletic directors and schools to athletes and their parents – VNN Sports today announced it has partnered with ArbiterSports and HomeTown Ticketing to further build a “one-stop shop” for all high school sports communications and marketing needs.  

Mobile view of Hometown Ticketing's integration with VNN. Buy Tickets button on school schedule page

Eight (8) million students participate in athletics across America, fueling a growing need to move away from the fragmented and piecemeal solutions available today to communicate and share information with athletes, parents and the community to one that is seamless, consolidated, and, most importantly, digital.

People are no longer satisfied with clunky and outdated experiences,” said Rick Ehrman, CEO of VNN Sports. “We saw an opportunity to bring together foundational components of the high school sports experience – with both ArbiterSports and HomeTown Ticketing – to enable people to communicate and interact with their favorite high school sports team and community the same way they do across the rest of their lives.


ArbiterSports simplifies event management for schools and districts across the country. From scheduling and registering student athletes to paying officials and event workers, ArbiterSports handles more than 7 million games each year, more than any single event management software company in high school, and saves high school sports communities time and money. With today’s announcement, customers of both companies – VNN Sports and ArbiterSports – will have a streamlined process for communicating and managing the scheduling process.

HomeTown Ticketing

HomeTown Ticketing provides schools and athletic conferences with everything needed to offer professional-level online ticketing to their fans and community. Leading the industry in technology, innovation, and security, HomeTown Ticketing provides custom solutions that  streamline operations, increase financial transparency, and improve the fan experience.

In addition to providing real-time event analytics and improving the ticket-buying experience for sports fans, HomeTown Ticketing also enables schools to generate additional revenue from brands seeking a hyper-local advertising solution.

Our partnership with VNN Sports will further our mission to bring professional-level ticketing solutions to high schools and state athletic associations throughout the country,” said Nate Nale, Founder and CEO of HomeTown Ticketing. “We seek to not only provide industry-leading digital ticketing technology, but to create the first unified ticketing solution in the high school space. Our partnership with VNN Sports will provide athletic directors the ultimate ticketing solution and enable millions of fans to receive custom branded digital tickets directly to their email or mobile device.

Erhman continued, “Without collaborations and integrations like these, high school sports risks declining numbers and support as more people get frustrated with an outdated experience. Our vision is to deliver an experience that matches and channels the level of passion people have for their high school athletes and teams. These two partnerships – in addition to the six others we have signed over the past eighteen months like RallyAroundUs, Scorebird and BoxOut Sports – get us closer to delivering on that goal.”   

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