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Digital donation drives made easy

Kiss bake sales, car washes, and restaurant nights goodbye. VNN’s digital-first approach to fundraising makes new uniforms, tournament trips, and capital improvement projects achievable in a few short steps.

Safe, easy, efficient and effective, VNN fundraising helps to boost support for your athletic departments by automating the process online  Рincreasing funds for teams, athletes, and building even-stronger communities around sports programs.

High-earning, successful campaigns through storytelling

Digital donation fundraising campaigns allow athletes and teams to capture their story with video. Crowdfunding technology reaches not just local connections, but also family members and fans outside the community who are often unable to participate in local fundraising efforts.


Fast, easy, effective fundraising

Campaigns can be built in minutes, versus hours or days coordinating time-intensive events. Just film, upload contacts, and watch your programs hit their financial goals.


Seamless integration all year-long

Once a campaign goes live, digital donation campaign videos, progress bars, donors and the ability to contribute are available on your athletic department’s team pages for the entire school year.


Start earning at today’s practice

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