Live Scores

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Live Scores

Be at the game when you can’t actually be at the game

Give fans and family the chance to follow along with your sports programs from anywhere at any time. Live score technology, powered by Scorebird creates a feed of data from your scoreboard controller and streams it wherever you want it.

Ensure every sport at your school has an opportunity for publicity and create fan engagement across the country with a feed of every team on your VNN SportsHub platform.

Live, real-time scoreboard streaming in seconds

Connect one plug-and-play device to scoreboard controllers around your school and real-time scores are ready for your nation of fans, no matter where they call home.

Live Scores

Add to your website, and anywhere else

Live scoring technology powered by Scorebird drives fan engagement everywhere – data streams real-time on your VNN site, broadcasts, hallway monitors, morning announcement feeds, anywhere your fans are.

Live Scores

Let’s do it live

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