Solutions for High School Athletic Departments

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Build a community for your high school athletic department online.


The all-in-one communications solution for high school athletic administrators

The key to building a great athletic department is good communication. Unlike before, when paper documents and phone calls were the best way to reach parents, athletes and fans, communities across the US are used to finding information online. VNN’s athletic department marketing platform gives you the tools you need to reach them, all in one place.

Manage the tasks you already do everyday with VNN tools, leverage our syncing services to save you time, connect to your platform to top technology with software integrations, and VNN automatically communicates to the right people in the right places including your website, email, text messages, Facebook, Twitter, local media, and apps.

Custom Athletics Website

Your athletic department’s official home online. A fully-customized, mobile-responsive website, VNN’s SportsHub website design makes it easy for you to leverage your school’s rich history and brand effortlessly.

  • Overnight connection to tech-savvy parents; Any device – every sport, every team, every season
  • Accessible by everyone; ADA-compliant Design
  • Less Phone Calls; 24/7/365 access to all local parents, athletes, and fans
  • Control for you; You have access to all team pages, manage your athletics brand
  • Goes where your community is; Syncs with official Facebook and Twitter accounts
  • Saves time; Update schedules, scores, and social media with the push of a button
Solutions for High School Athletic Departments
Solutions for High School Athletic Departments

Score Reporting

Report game scores to the media and keep your community updated, with one click, anywhere. The simple score reporter, VNN’s Pressbox, automatically sends emails to your school’s local media contact list, updates team schedules, creates a blog article, posts to social media, and alerts subscribed parents. The perfect tool for your coaches on the road.

One-Way Messaging

Reach every parent with one message. VNN empowers you to contact teams individually, by season, or your entire athletic program at once with one-way text, email and website notifications.

  • No more phone trees; send notifications to your entire community at once.
  • Stay compliant; senders and receivers never see each other’s private information.
  • Convenient; Parents have the power to subscribe to specific teams and change messaging preferences for each separately.
Solutions for High School Athletic Departments
Solutions for High School Athletic Departments


The most effective fundraising system, VNN’s digital donation campaign software blends online promotion and social requests to help your teams hit their financial goals whether they are buying new uniforms, traveling to tournaments, or upgrading the field.

  • The most effective solution; Reaches not just local connections but also family members and fans outside the community
  • Simple set-up; Get started after today’s practice, just film a video, upload contacts and fundraise!
  • No up-front costs; great for teams, as well as capital improvement projects

Video and Livestreaming

VNN’s platform comes out of the box ready to host your top plays, live events, and game film in a dedicated section. Several options are available to help you deliver the best experience for fans while hitting your business office’s goals.

Solutions for High School Athletic Departments
Solutions for High School Athletic Departments


VNN is connecting high school sports. We’ve created integrations with top technology providers around high school sports to make your job easier. From scheduling syncs to sports information graphics and online registration, if you need it, we’ll connect to it.

Revenue Sharing

VNN is the platform that pays you for using it. Our local team helps you monetize your online presence by selling advertising in your community, connecting your school to national brands, and generating revenue for you through eCommerce.

Solutions for High School Athletic Departments
  • “I really enjoy having everything in one central place and not making parents search all over.”

    Brigham Baker Lake Oswego HS Lakers (OR)
  • “VNN is without a doubt the best business partner the UIAAA has ever been associated with. That is not an exaggeration.”

    Marc R. Hunter Executive Director - UIAAA (UT)
  • “The ability to add features, scores, and announcements makes our site the go- to destination for the entire Blue Devil community.”

    Tony Price Randolph HS Blue Devils (MA)
  • “The website gives each sport an equal platform regardless of team size We’ve created a huge following due to VNN.”

    Jeff Scheller San Mateo HS Bearcats (CA)
  • “Hoover Athletics​​ wanted to be cutting edge with our website, and we have done just that!”

    Andy Urban Hoover HS Buccaneers (AL)
  • “VNN has completely transformed the visibility of our sports programs.”

    Justin Ferdinand Half Moon Bay HS Cougars (CA)

Over 2,000 schools trust VNN to help them communicate.

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