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As the school year comes to a close, it’s time for one final countdown of the best Box Out Sports graphics across our network.

Over 500 VNN schools in 40 states use Box Out Sports to create professional-looking graphics for their websites and social media accounts. With Box Out’s ready-made templates and designs, athletic directors can promote their athletes, share information with their communities and enhance their online engagement with ease.

Last month, Roger Bacon High School, Mt. Vernon High School, Scottsburg High School, Ansonia and Lakeshore High School created the most (and most stunning) graphics. We’re excited to share that three of these schools remained in the top five for May. Let’s count them down:

5. Scottsburg High School (IN) – 163 graphics

4. Hartford High School (VT) – 164 graphics

3. South Bend Adams High School (IN) – 172 graphics

2. North Springs High School (GA) – 222 graphics

1. Lakeshore High School (MI) – 371 graphics

Congratulations to Lakeshore High School for not only snagging first place again, but breaking last month’s record of 301 graphics. Keep it up! You can check out the Lakeshore’s athletics website and Twitter to see more of their amazing graphics.

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