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Varsity News Network’s CEO, Ryan Vaughn, created an article discussing the ideal ways that parents can help refurbish their child’s athletic department. As parents of high school athletes, you can learn how to win over the crowds and use technology to advance your school’s athletic department.


Remember the 1991 classic “Hook”? A key part of that story is Peter’s relationship with his son. Peter is constantly missing his son’s baseball games because his ridiculous ’90s cellphone is always ringing with demands from work. No one wants to be that parent.

 While we now have smarter, less dorky phones, our schedules are no less demanding. Balancing work, family time, and extracurricular activities can be overwhelming, and simply staying informed about everyone’s schedule is half the battle.

 The good news is that as new technology has given us better phones, it’s also allowed for the development of tools that make keeping your school’s community of athletes, parents, fans, and administrators connected much easier.

Changing a department is no simple task, but with the tools and information provided in the article, you’re sure to get a great head start upgrading your school’s athletic department.

You can read the full article here.

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