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It’s been a busy couple months at VNN. With the Winter season getting into full-swing, and 2015 right around the corner, a new product feature update is more than overdue.

Here’s a rundown of the features we’ve wrapped up and will be launched before the new year. More to come soon!

VNN App Switcher

Switching between over to used to mean typing the new URL into your web browser, then logging in again. If you’re an AD or coach, it wasn’t the most elegant process. But now, jumping between Pressbox and Alerts is as easy as clicking a button, and being logged in and ready in the other app. What’s more, building out this feature will let us connect more together as we grow! You can find the app switcher in the top right menu, next to the home button.



Pressbox Athletic Director View

The athletic director view in Pressbox gives you the ability to see every match happening for the next week at a glance. You can sort by team, view all teams, and if you’re pulling double-duty for one of your coaches, you have the option to go in and complete a game recap. It’s our first foray into helping you plan and manage your day.



Pressbox Reminder System

Ever forget to file a game recap? Open one up and just didn’t finish? It’s all good. With the Pressbox reminder system, our system will notice and send team coaches a reminder to knock it out if they haven’t, or finish up if the recap was started but not submitted. It’s completely automated, so if you’re an AD, you can relax knowing that your site is being updated and your media contacts are happy. It’ll be rolling out over the next couple of weeks.



Multiple Team Alerts

If you’re managing multiple teams in Alerts, sending to multiple teams meant you needed to check the box next to every one of them. Now, there’s one box that will select them all at once. Click All Teams to send to every team at your school (or the ones you manage) or All Fall/Winter/Spring Teams to send to just that season.



Alerts Sent

The Alerts Sent menu gives you a view into what’s been happening with your team, teams, or your school. Click it, and you’ll have to option to see when Alerts went out, what they said, and for what team.



Edit Alert

When you send an Alert to your school website and set an expiration date, it used to take a call to our support staff to fix it if there was a mistake. Now, you can edit them, by clicking the Alerts Sent menu, and the Edit button displayed right beneath the one you want to change.



Design Updates

Have you noticed our products getting prettier? For our design crew, it’s one of the most exciting things. They’ve gone through Pressbox and Alerts with a fine-toothed comb, making sure colors match, buttons look press’able, menus scroll intuitively, icons for each sport are displayed and everything looks great and responsive no matter what device you’re on. In case you’re wondering, the red we use is Pomegranate, and the blue you see everywhere? Belize Hole, named after this.


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