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Our SportsHub athletic websites changed an industry, by making it easy for parents, athletes and fans to get information about their high school sports teams online. And as we grew as a company into SMS and email alerts, registration, and media notifications, SportsHub signified our earliest beginnings.

Since then, we’ve learned from our athletic department partners about the features they’ve appreciated, used, and loved while promoting their sports programs to local communities across the US and baked them into today’s launch of SportsHub 2.

Here’s a few of our favorites:

Mobile-Responsive Design


SportsHub 2 is designed for mobile devices and parents who need info on the go. Schedules, Articles, Photo Galleries, and the rest of the pages on school sites render for the screen they’re on.

Customizable Background Options


From the outset, one of the biggest features for our customers was the ability to make their site theirs through showcasing athletes, school colors and logos. In SportsHub 2, we’ve rolled out three different background options for our partners to build their brand behind:


Closer Connection into VNN Apps


At launch, our VNN Apps were a quick way for partners to complete the administrative tasks they had to do everyday. Pressbox, Alerts, Registration, Teammate and Scheduler made life easier for school staff, and we’re connecting them closer to SportsHub’s media creation tools with the new release.

Custom Calendar Integration


Using the free VNN Scheduler, our partners can now create new, custom calendars for practices, events, or facilities and add them to their updated SportsHub site.

ADA Compliant

Color Contrast & Screen Reader on VNN Website

SportsHub 2 utilizes a design that prioritizes simplicity and a content-first approach, with correct naming structures, ability to include descriptions, and a Content Creator’s Guide to ADA Compliance available to increase accessibility from all devices and be compliant with WGAC standards and the ADA.

Interested in learning more about SportsHub 2? Schedule a demo with us!

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