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Josh Van Manem from Acme Pure Blu, located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, gave us some insight on why he chose to sponsor 10 schools around Michigan. Acme Pure Blu simplifies the fun and relaxation of pools, spas, and outdoor living. Through pool and spa services and retail products like openings and closings, weekly cleanings, BioGuard three-step chemical plans, and Arctic Spas, the company’s goal is to enhance the enjoyment of your outdoor time.

As told to Erika Arora 


Through its predecessors, the company has been around for over 30 years. In May 2015, Jamie Rynbrandt and I acquired the service and retail parts of Acme Pool Construction, the main brand it was under at the time. Acme Pure Blu is now a separate entity from the construction side, and provides all the services retail offerings

As CEO and majority owner, part of my role here is to focus on marketing, the customer experience, coaching employees, and developing strategic plans for the future. As a company, our slogan is, “Fun and Relaxation Simplified”, and our hope is to give individuals and families opportunities and time for more active and fun lifestyles, specifically incorporating water in their backyards.
home-designThe reason we chose to advertise on these school’s sites is because we saw an opportunity to communicate directly with communities that we already have a lot of customers within. We’re in the recreation industry and this obviously fits in well with athletes and their lifestyle. I like the idea that we’re encouraging and supporting high school athletics and an active lifestyle. We saw an opportunity for our business, and we took it. Through VNN Advertising, our company is out there and we have gotten our brand name around. Any time we’re more visible and have a presence, I definitely think that’s going to add benefits.Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 2.01.15 PM

I like the idea that we’re supporting athletics and an active lifestyle. We’re doing this for families and students that have a passion, and we’re doing a small role supporting their athletics. Some high schools we sponsor are East Grand Rapids, Grand Rapids Christian, and Catholic Central. We chose these because they are in the community of where most of our customers are, and it’s our way to give back to the school. We want to give the students all the recognition they deserve.

Depending on their objectives, I believe a company should invest in VNN Advertising because not only does it provide exposure to your business, but it also helps the athletes and the school by giving back a little. If they’re looking for a way to communicate with families and schools and support them, I think it’s a very effective way to advertise.

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