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Tracking down coaches when they don’t submit score reports isn’t fun. That’s why we’ve launched the new reminders system in Pressbox. The next time our users log-in, they won’t even see a difference, but reminders will be working hard on their behalf to keep media contacts happy, fans engaged, and school sites current.

With the reminders system, every game, Pressbox notifies coaches if they missed a report, or started one but didn’t submit it to their media contacts. They’re completely automatic. To date, we’ve already sent over 2,000 reminders across the VNN network.

Coaches will be able to manage their preferences in the new user profile view, including personalizing their reminders settings. To get there, they can click the gear (or user) option in the top right-hand corner (next to the switcher) and select “profile.”


We make products that run themselves, and we’re excited about the potential of reminders to do just that for our clients using Pressbox in their departments.

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