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Since its inception, VNN has looked to partner with businesses that share its mission of connecting and strengthening local communities. The company has collaborated with like-minded brands to help people find a home in their community, locate the best medical care nearby and more.

Over the years, VNN has expanded its partnerships to impact thousands of communities across the United States. While some partners are new, others have been supporting local high schools for years – including Life University in Marietta, GA.

“We have been partners since the beginning of the company,” said William Brooks, communications manager at Life University. “The growth has been amazing, and we are now proud sponsors of more than 400 high schools in the VNN network.”

The background of Life University

Life University was founded in 1974 as a College of Chiropractic in the metro Atlanta city of Marietta, Georgia. Since then, there has been tremendous growth for the institution. It has introduced over a dozen undergraduate and three graduate degree programs in the health sciences, business and humanities fields.

In addition to being the world’s largest single-campus chiropractic program, Life U’s Department of Nutrition has been recognized as a top 40 nutrition program in the United States. Its online Biology degree was also ranked as the 11th best online Bachelor’s in Biology in the nation.

“We are proud of our campus culture, our values and the diversity of our campus community,” Brooks said. “Our mission reflects our commitment to our students and the educational value that they are promised to receive at Life University.”

Reaching incoming college students

With a strong mission to share, Life U has aimed to get its degree programs and initiatives in front of as many prospective students as possible. So when VNN account manager Brandon Rogers approached Life U in 2016 about advertising on high school athletics websites, the decision was easy. The college saw enormous potential for the partnership.

“The prospective students, student-athletes and parents that visit the schools’ athletic pages are the direct target market base for us. The more we could get our message in front of that market, the better the likelihood of us attracting more people to our website and ultimately, our campus in Marietta, Georgia,” Brooks said.

“We saw the reach and impressions that our ads and editorials were receiving at the beginning with just two schools and it only made sense to expand from there,” Brooks said.

Now five years and 400 schools later, the institution has helped numerous students make the transition from high school to college. Both VNN and Life U remain excited about the partnership and its mission to power future generations of college students across the southeast.

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For more information on connecting your brand to high school sports communities across the US, visit our advertising page.

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