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Pelham - Scorebird Integration

MONTGOMERY, Ala., April 2, 2019 /via PRNewswire/ — The reality of finding live, in-the-moment coverage of high school sports has never been an easy task, short of traveling to the stadium on game day. Local media, fan-submitted scoring apps, and social networking has made following top matchups easier in recent years, but all continue to rely on having someone physically at the game. For the majority of fans, family, and alumni across the nation, not being there in person means missing out. However, through a unique partnership of technology providers VNN and  Scorebird, Alabama has now become the first state in the country to empower schools statewide to broadcast live game scores online.

The collaboration, being rolled out this Spring, transmits scores, clock data and any information displayed through scoreboard controllers via a Scorebird device to a school’s official athletics website and social media channels provided by VNN throughout the season, live. Scorebird’s role as the preferred method of reporting final game scores to Alabama’s state governing body means that every school in the state already has the technology needed to broadcast, creating major exposure opportunities for schools who may not have the resources to do it themselves.

Not only will Panther Nation love the ability to watch the live score feed on our site when they are unable to attend, we have alumni, family members, and others who no longer live in town that will be thrilled to follow along with the games from their living room,” said Director of Athletics for Pelham City Schools Kim Kiel, the first school in the state to take scores live on “As an Athletic Director, making that kind of connection possible with our program over the long-term is invaluable.”

We’re excited about the enormous impact this can have in local communities, from big to small,” added VNN’s Romy Glazer. “Bringing people together around their teams, and ensuring athletic departments have the tools to make that happen is what we’re all about at VNN.”

Interested in streaming live scores from a Scorebird Nest to a VNN platform at your school? Fill out the form here.

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