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On occasion, our developers will be solving a specific problem at VNN and end up making something that’s pretty rad. Lots of times, we realize that whatever it is, it might be a pretty rad thing for other people, too. And so, we’d like to introduce Peridot PHP.

If you’re a developer, no doubt you’ve heard of PHP, the web development scripting language. At VNN, we use PHP for a lot of our development. As we were building the new Pressbox and our APIBrian and Austin found that they weren’t really satisfied with the testing environments that were currently out there.

Six weeks and about 30 tiny-coffees later, enter Peridot, a homegrown event-driven PHP testing framework created on their lunch breaks and evenings. All of us at VNN are pretty pumped about it’s potential to make our products way better.  It’s completely open-source for following and contributing on Github.

We think you’ll dig it, too. Check the page out, and be sure send the link on to your favorite developer.

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