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Yesterday, we broke 500 schools on the VNN platform. We’re into 23 states so far, and don’t have any plans of stopping.

Huge huge thanks go out to our school partners, athletic directors, and sponsors for their insight, feedback, and the inspiration to keep moving the needle. Without them, we wouldn’t have ever made it here.  Also big kudos to our sales director Steve Okun, for guessing closest to the actual time VNN500 happened and beating out everyone else at the company.  We’re giving him a gift card filled up with some prize money, so if you see him, now’s a good time to ask him to buy your dinner!

Here’s how a couple VNN’ers celebrated the occasion:

“I just fist-pumped in the middle of a crowd on 7th Ave in NYC!” 

-Ryan Vaughn, CEO

“This is how we ROLL!!!!!”

-Darrel Stevens, Sales Team


-Jerry Vaughn, Sales Team


-Brian Scaturo, Product Development Team

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