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For nearly five years, Rapid Replay operated exclusively as a sports highlights company. And a successful one at that – Rapid Replay Highlights were an instant hit across the VNN network, racking up nearly 20 million views since launching in October. 

But since the company’s inception, the times have changed. Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, more teams than ever have turned to live streaming to meet their video needs and ensure parents, athletes, fans, and the local community can keep up with the action. 

“The more we looked into it, the more we realized there’s a huge value in live streaming – and we saw a lack of flexibility in the streaming space,” said Nick Busto, partner at Rapid Replay.

Kelly Brenner ’20 hits a three-pointer to bring the Roger Beacon’s girls basketball team to a regional final. Courtesy of Rapid Replay.

From highlights to live streaming

Nick Busto and Ben Swinford, Rapid Replay’s co-founders, set out on a mission to create a flexible, high-quality live streaming solution for high schools. As a VNN partner, they also wanted their product to integrate with VNN SportsHub sites. And they wanted to move fast, so they could service as many schools as possible. 

“From the first conversation with VNN to the launch of Rapid Replay Stream, it was only 40 days,” Busto said.

The result from that sprint became Rapid Replay Stream, a comprehensive solution for schools seeking flexibility while they stream. Customers can go live from any device, including GoPros, iPads, Hudl Focus cameras and cell phones utilizing the Rapid Replay app that they already use to capture highlights. The app includes a custom built-in camera with scoreboard overlay using Scorebird, a companion device that broadcasts information from a school’s gym scoreboard. The camera accommodates any spotty service you may experience and hits your VNN site in less than 10 seconds.

School also have the ability to monetize their streams or keep them free. With three different packages, there’s options that fit every school’s needs and budgets. And Rapid Replay is seeing proof of that already. In the few weeks since its launch, dozens of VNN schools have hopped on board with Rapid Replay Stream. 

From live streaming to beyond

Now that Rapid Replay has ventured beyond gameday highlights, they have no plans to stop. The company is rolling out their next product, Clutch, on July 1. Clutch is a lightweight game film solution that provides free, unlimited video storage for coaches. It allows the entire team community to rewatch games, tag plays, clip highlights, and create highlight tapes. 

“Coaches can dictate who can view the video to create end of the year mixtape, recruiting tape, and more,” Busto said. “We wanted to put those promotional tools in their hands.”

Interested in getting started with Rapid Replay Highlights, Stream, or learn more about Clutch? Contact your account manager or get in touch with us here.

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