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We get a lot of email through Resetting passwords, questions about Pressbox, scheduling demos, it’s all in a day’s work here at VNN. But on occasion, we get a message that not only shows us how awesome our customers are, but also gives us a great way to make our website better for everyone.

This time, it was from Jeff Gibbins at Horry County Schools and Socastee High in South Carolina, who pulled together an weekly update and weather report that posts on their site. It’s a pretty handy plug-in to help planning out your week, and the weather add-on is even better to have during Spring sports when there’s always a chance for rain.

His app got us thinking –  could we automate it for everyone? Well, thanks to our integrations with leading schedulers in the industry, figured that it would be easy enough to automatically post the events coming up that week. We created it, tacked on Jeff’s awesome weather report, and now can boast a weekly auto-post feature rolling out this week to the rest of our customers across the network. All they need to do is log-in, click a button, and it’s done. Scroll down to see what it’ll look like, as well as the rest of the bells and whistles our dev team added. Thanks Jeff! You rock.


Website Autopost

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