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How can technology help you get the most out of sports? Technology and sports don’t exactly go hand in hand, or do they?

When it comes to training for a sport, Youtube and CoachUp are your new best friends.
Youtube isn’t just for watching funny animals and music videos. Type in a workout and join trainers who can walk you through every exercise throughout the video, or watch a video of Michael Jordan’s footwork to improve your own.
CoachUp is an online service that connects athletes to 1-on-1 coaching in over 30 sports. You will be matched up with local trainers, just by answering a few basic questions. This convenient service is available in many different price ranges as well.


Communication is a key component to athletics. Every parent dreads the day their work meeting is scheduled during their child’s game. Fortunately, there are a few tech tools out there to ease the mind of these parents, and help them stay in-tune with their child’s game and scores.
The Cube is perfect for handling this situation.  It allows family and friends to watch high school games and events live online from anywhere in the world! On top of all that, it’s completely free to use.
GameChanger is a tool that is available both online and as a mobile app. It allows coaches and players to record scores in real time, and share them throughout the internet. This enables you to check the scores between meetings, even if you’re across the world. The basic package is free, but you can upgrade to a Premium Fan Access account for $7.99 a month.
Digital Scout provides numerous applications to keep you informed on your child’s progress so you can check on them without being at the game. Just like The Cube, this service is also free.


To avoid scheduling conflicts between families and games, there are two tools we love that can greatly reduce stress, and keep everyone in the family organized.
Google’s free calendar tool, Google Calendar, is a great resource for organization. Have your child share a calendar with all their practices, game times, and post-game activities with you. By syncing your calendars together, you’ll know at a glance when you’re double-booked.
Our webapp, VNN Alerts, allows coaches to get in touch with athletes and parents in a safe and secure fashion without the need to share phone numbers. The app gives parents, athletes, and fans the ability to subscribe to specific teams to receive alerts from. Your coach may be one of the thousands who already use it, and yes, it’s free.

VNN Alerts

Interested in reaching beyond your love for sports and trying for a scholarship? NCSA and BeRecruited are two services that can assist you in this area.
NCSA’s tools help high schoolers set up game plans through their recruiting education curriculum. High schoolers have access to free basic tools needed to build a recruiting game plan.
BeRecruited is an online network that showcases a player’s online ‘sports resume’. This includes accomplishments, statistics, game footage, service experiences, and honors that can be shared to over 25,000 NCAA coaches who use the service to find their next recruiting class. Both platforms are free, but include add-on premium tools and connections that come at a price.


The connection between technology and sports is strong, and you can drastically improve your skills by utilizing the tools listed.

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