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Yesterday, our co-founder and CEO, Ryan Vaughn published an article in partnership with Forbes and the YEC about how to scale using in-person sales. Below is an excerpt from that article –   read the rest on their site here.


Ryan-Vaughn_avatar_1446049431-60x60 “Scale Quickly with a Field-Sales Approach” by Ryan H. Vaughn

When we launched VNN in 2011, we didn’t plan on building a national sales team. We intended to bring schools onto the nation’s largest high school sports network using landing pages, conversion funnels, email, and phone calls.

That strategy didn’t work for us. We got a few bites, but generally, we weren’t making sales quickly enough. So we got out of the office, into our cars, and off to meet our prospects in person.

What we learned in the early days can be applied to other industries, too. If you’re in a market where potential clients are late adopters (or they’re not quite convinced your innovative, new product will help them), a field sales approach might work for you. Here’s how to do it.

Full article here.

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