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Monday, our marketing director, Romy Glazer, published an article on CampusSuite’s education blog  about how to best promote a school’s athletic department online. Below is an except from that article –   read the rest on their site here.

Sports and all that surround them are the face of any school. A well-known football team or band program can go a long way to building school spirit, keeping the community engaged, and even attracting new students.

However, it’s not getting any cheaper or easier to run an athletic department. Even if a school runs a top-notch program, all the benefits come from promoting it, which requires a different set of skills. But there’s a secret weapon that many schools have already started using that makes promoting their athletic departments easier than it’s ever been — technology.

At VNN, we’ve built over 1,200 athletic department websites over the past three years, and in that time, we’ve gotten a pretty good idea at what it takes to make the most of an athletic department online, and the basics include getting people where they need to go, making sure they know what happened last night, showing them through photos, and using social media to draw them to your school’s page.

Through a partnership with our friends at CampusSuite, we’ve published those tips and more detail on why they’re so important over on their blog. Check it out at the link below:

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