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Because when you build it, they gotta come.

1. Set-Up a direct link to your athletic page from your school’s main website.

Schools that set up a direct link consistently get double the traffic in our network. For real.

Here’s Fishers High School out of Indiana– They had 78,000 pages views in August, and 52% of that number came from the little athletics link that you can barely make out on their school’s main site (it’s between guidance and activities/arts):


2. Promote your athletics page on your school’s main website.

Not sure if a mini-link on your school site is enough for you? Think bigger.

Belton (TX) brought in over 8,000 separate visits to their athletics site from their school site with this promo. Just think, if each visitor went to three pages each, that’s 24,000 page views right there.



3. Promote your Facebook Page – people sharing your articles makes a huge difference.

No matter what the blogs tell you about millenials, Facebook is still relevant. It was another secret to Belton (TX)‘s success in August.

Almost half of the Tigers’ articles were shared on Facebook more than 20 times. Other schools had more likes on their fan pages, but even with all those extra people, if they aren’t sharing, you aren’t winning.


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