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With the power of three major players, high schools across the VNN network can now connect fans, friends and out-of-state family to live game streams.

VNN is excited to partner with Rapid Replay, Justagame and the NFHS Network to provide three unique live-streaming options to fit every school’s needs. With Rapid Replay Stream and Justagame Live, schools can livestream directly to their official athletics websites, while the NFHS Network provides a seamless integration to direct fans to off-site streams.

Rapid Replay Stream

Rapid Replay Stream is an easy, comprehensive solution for schools looking for flexibility as they stream. Rapid Replay allows you to stream from any device, or multiple devices to capture different angles. It’s not just limited to sports, either – you can go live at graduation, theatre performances, and more.

The Rapid Replay app provides a custom, built-in camera that’s simple to use, has scoreboard overlay and accommodates spotty service. Your athletics website administrators can give streaming permission to a coach, trusted parent or fan at the event. All live events are archived on your athletics site for easy access to replay.

Justagame Live

Justagame Live is a powerful solution for schools wanting the option to stream from any mobile device or purchase a camera to mount. This flexibility allows schools to have a camera situated to stream events in one gym, while using a phone to go live at other events.

The Justagame Live app is simple to use, allowing you to go live in just a few clicks. Streamers can enter scores to show on viewers’ screens as games progress. Again, all game-day streams are saved to your VNN SportsHub site for anyone who missed the live event.

NHFS Network

Covering 27 different regular season and postseason sports, the NFHS Network is a leader in streaming Live and On Demand high school sports.  All events are available to watch online at and through the NFHS Network Mobile Apps.

Schools can promote upcoming events on their athletics site, then direct fans to watch off-site with an integrated button. This is a quick and easy solution for schools that invested in the Pixxelot cameras and their fans who purchased NFHS subscriptions.

Interested in launching live-streaming on your VNN site? Get started here:

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