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The team at IdeaMensch interviews entrepreneurs they admire in a simple way.

“How do you bring ideas to life?”

Whenever they do, the same questions always end up getting remarkably different answers.  Five years and over 2,000 interviews later, they’ve created a fascinating archive of conversations with entrepreneurs and big thinkers from all walks of business, ranging from Seth Godin, Daniel Pink, Craig Newmark, Brad Feld, Nancy Brinker and pig farmers in Iowa.

This month, they interviewed Ryan, our co-founder and CEO.

If we asked him about it, he’d shrug off the accolade, but as one big VNN team, we’re thrilled for him getting the recognition he deserves. Occasionally we get a chance to peek behind the curtain at what drives him, and this is one of the best — here’s a snippet:

“It’s incredibly important to focus on a growth model that’s replicable,” Vaughn says. “Focus on the smallest unit of growth that you can put a dollar into, and get more than a dollar out of, along with growth. It’s critical not to focus on “whales” in the early days; instead, focus on the small growth engines that can scale with additional capital.”

Want to read the full article? Check it out here:

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