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Let’s talk apps.

Whether a coach or a parent, it’s always been our goal at VNN to help save you time with tech solutions. This week, we’ve tackling the App Store to do just that. Here’s our favorite six that you should download this pre-season to really move the needle.

1. Evernote


So, you get stopped in the hall by a parent, who’s asking you a couple questions that you need to follow-up on. But where’d you put that sticky note?

Enter Evernote. Create notes, to-do lists, post photos, sounds, and access them from any device you’re carrying. It’s a lifesaver for everyday note-taking and keeping, and you can even search based on keyword.



Bleary eyes, dark rooms, TV on a cart, and lots of tenuous rewinding forward and backward. Sound familiar? There are a lot of coaches doing game tape that way.

Understand your competition, get your insight, pass along any info to those that need it, and wrap up. That’s HUDL. Use the app to tape, edit, mark-up the video with graphics, and share all in one.

3. Hangouts


Have a lot of coaches in different locations and can’t get them in for a meeting? Try inviting them to a video-chat Hangout.

If you walked into the VNN offices at any time, there’s a pretty good chance at least someone would have this app up on their computer.

We’re constantly video chatting new candidates for positions, jumping in discussions when we’re working from home, and of course, bothering our favorite expatriate developer at the end of each day to cover off on projects.

4. Feedly


We’ve learned that the best leaders are always doing three things; practicing, teaching, and learning. With only a certain number of hours a day, its learning that gets overlooked most often. With such great material online for Strength Training, Risks v. Reward of Travel Baseball in the offseason, and magazine archives, just to name a few, it should be easy.

That’s why we like Feedly. It manages the online sites you want to watch all in one place, and identifies new posts so you don’t miss anything.

5. VSCOcam

VSCOCamCoaching’s more complicated than it used to be. There’s practices, game tape, travel logistics, score reporting, naturally, coaching the team. So when people ask you for a social media post or photo for the paper, what do you do if you don’t have a photographer?

VSCOcam is a mobile photography powerhouse that makes playing with colored filters, and exposure ranges fun. Our favorite feature? All the built-in filters guarantee a show-stopping photo.

6. Mailbox


Remember when sending an email was kind of like composing a careful letter? And now? Well, not really.

If your inbox is anything like ours, a day out of the office means lots of catch up later. Mailbox changes all that by making it easy to manage all your messages. Swipe right to save a message, swipe left to have it reappear tomorrow, next weekend, or even randomly sometime in the future. You’ll be hitting inbox victory in no time!

So, what are your favorite apps? Did we miss any that the Network should know about? We’d love to hear from you. Just write us  –

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