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How is my Community Score calculated?

Your Community Score is calculated by taking your school size, content posted, and community’s engagement with your website monthly.

A sliding scale of 0.0 (lowest posting, lowest engagement) to 5.0 (highest posting, highest engagement).

The following metrics are used when calculating your score:

  • School size: this helps even the playing field for smaller & larger schools. We know a school with 200 students won’t drive the same traffic as a school with 5,000.
  • Pageviews: the number of different pages are people visiting on your site
  • Unique users: the number of different people are visiting your site
  • Total content posted: the total number of different types of content posted, including articles, photos, galleries, and pages
  • Photos posted: total number of photos uploaded to your site

How can I increase my Community Score?

  1. Make your SportsHub website the true Hub for your department. Utilize your website as the primary means to communicate to your community. Posting forms and important information, news about the upcoming season, and event previews & recaps will get your community in the habit of going to your website for information (and calling your office less!) and increases your website’s pageviews and unique users.

    Did you know you can set up social sync from your website, so everything you post automatically goes out to your Facebook and Twitter pages?
  2. Add photos. Photos are the #1 traffic driver to websites. No surprise, right? Ask your community to send in their photos from last night’s event and post a gallery to showcase your athletes and boost your department’s online presence.

    Did you know you can add users with ‘photographer’ roles to your website so they can handle the posting for you?
  3. Go Digital. Taking athletic-department essentials digital — like registration, ticketing, and donations — saves you time and hassle while streamlining things for your community. Using products like Activities Registration, GoFan, and NFHS Network can supercharge your department and rally your community around your athletics and activities.

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