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An integral part of being a partner with VNN is the healthy competition between schools hoping to crack the top of our National Top 100. Producing the best content and keeping their fans excited about high school sports all help – but what are VNN’s high school athletic departments doing exactly that make the most impact? Here’s where we highlight the top schools in our network for this past month, March 2018.

North Olmstead hits #2 spot with Winter ESPYs feature:

Everyone loves a good story and North Olmstead did just that when they were setting up their Winter ESPYs award. Having the public decide based on what kind of season each boy or girl had in their respective sport and the short story about how they got there. Doing seasonal MVP’s such as this is exciting and creates friendly competition!

Screen Shot 2018-04-16 at 11.49.11 AM


Hamilton Southeastern Reach #2 Spot

Hamilton Southeastern High School located in Fishers, Indiana has steadily crept up to the top of our rankings for the past two years. This last month HSE hit #2 of our 2000 plus partners! They have achieved this feat due to a few key aspects but  one thing that stands out is how often they communicate with our support team. In addition to being incredible communicators they are extremely consistent at posting new and engaging content to their website. Whether it be via keeping their schedules up to date, score reporting via Pressbox, or creating photo galleries, simply posting often makes them one of VNNs top schools to watch!  Here are a few examples: Meeting announcements, summer camp registration information, and daily Pressbox posts.

Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 8.35.36 AM

Welcome to the Top Tier: Cabrini Hits the Ground Running

Shortly after joining the VNN partner school family, Cabrini High School of Allen Park, Michigan has already cracked our National Top 100 coming in at a cool #100 last month. What did they do to rack up pageviews? Photos, photos and more photos! Photo Galleries are one of the easiest surefire ways to draw attention and traffic to your site, and with the Monarchs, the proof is in the pudding. Of Carbini’s total 20,396 pageviews in February, 9,986 of them stemmed from Photo Galleries–– that’s 49% of their total monthly views. Cabrini brought that heat right into their spring season! Here’s a few of our favorites: Varsity Ice Hockey vs Walled Lake CentralThe Downriver Classic, Girls Basketball Senior Night.

Screen Shot 2018-04-26 at 11.32.01 AM

Spotlight: Northeast Region

Pennsylvania – North Hills #1 → 49597 

Each of our regions within the VNN network has shining stars, but this month we are checking in with the Northeast Region to North Hills High School.  Some of our favorite articles we saw on their site, include making announcements on new coaching personnel, town hall meetings and pep rally’s! North Hills is a prime example of what curating content on the site can do for engagement. With 49,597 page views last month they are well on their way to cracking the National Top 10 in April.

Screen Shot 2018-04-26 at 11.28.55 AM

Honorable mention in the Northeast Region:

Upper Saint Clair High School, Shaler High School, Norwin High School, William Tennent High School, Dock Mennonite Academy, Indiana Area High School, Hampton High School 

The full Top 100 includes heavy hitters such as Temple (TX), Belton (TX), Arundel (MD), Calhoun (TX) and Scripps Ranch (CA)see the full list here

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