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VNN’s Katelyn Kasella sat down with Scott Rosenberg, rSchoolToday’s VP of Sales, to get a demo of their top four products for high school athletics. Here’s a close look at product #4, the Daily Health Screening App.

Scott Rosenberg: Hi everybody. Right now I’d like to show you our daily health screening app. Unfortunately, we had to add this this year with COVID. We were completely aware that schools and athletic programs would need a solution for doing those daily health screening questions, filling them out and making sure that they were in. I think the greatest thing about it is that you could do this on, let’s say a Google Doc, things like that, but the problem becomes not who submitted the forms, but more who’s missing. Like who’s supposed to have the form in but didn’t. And so what we’ve created is the ability to, through our system, have kids, athletes, logged into a specific program since they’ve registered for that program or coaches that put them in a program, and then let’s say for my baseball team who has submitted and who hasn’t submitted, if there’s any red flags for the daily screen.

So right now you’re taking a look at our app that goes with our activity scheduling program. But what I’m going to do is give you a quick look at our daily health screening. And so the first thing I’m going to show you up top here is an individual filling it out. So when I go to daily health screening, I’m pulling this up really as myself. And as coach, first thing I’ll do is I’ll go to the profile tab in the top right. Just to show you the fact that people can sign up for multiple accounts. So if you had multiple kids, you can have multiple accounts on one phone, or one app.

For parents, the other thing that it lets you do is come on and choose if you want to be reminded or not through settings about to fill this out every morning. Let’s say, so I can say remind me every day, and I love this, and you may just be doing this Monday through Friday if you’re on a team. You might say I want to be reminded in your practice every weekend, hey you know I want to be reminded Monday through Saturday, but I really don’t want that sort of wake up reminder through a push notification on Sundays, so I can quickly set it to remind me just Monday through Saturday 7 a.m.

Highly recommend it right. You want your student athletes first thing in the morning to have that push notification so they don’t forget to do it. You can see also here if I’ve submitted my form or not, which by the way I haven’t in like five days, but it’ll track that. It then allows me to come out and we can customize this. This is what’s so great from the administrative side, our recruiting questions have changed since August, so we’ve had to change them as well. But you can even put up anything or everything that you need for your school. I have some camps using this right now that are putting up even questions for camp, like what lunch do you want today, and letting them choose between pizza, bagels, Chinese food, and anything else for lunch that day through this app.

But this is where you’d come on and you’d have those questions and have the ability for kids to say yes or no. It defaults to no, it allows you also to say, click on temperature, have a temperature gauge where you can either put your thumb on it and move it up or down, or you can come in and you can just sort of type in the temperature if needed. That’s not necessarily something that you have to give people access to here. You’ll see mine where it just says we only want people filling this out if the temperature is over 100.4.

You can have these yes no questions, you can also have short answer or fill in questions as well. All of mine have just really kind of defaulted to no, and force them to go ahead and submit it if’s different. This would let me come on and hit submit for the day. It’s going to tell me that I’ve submitted that for today, and that I don’t need to do it again. If I was to go on and try and do it again, it would quickly tell me it’s already been submitted for the day.

That’s just a really quick look, but it’s just so easy of the administrative side, from the coaches or administrator side. The great part is being able to just see your specific team, and we can set these up for you. What you’re looking at here is a look of just my varsity softball team. This year my coach has access to this, my trainer, and myself have access to this. What you can see is that these are the kids so far today that have not submitted it, sorry about that.

As I scroll down you can see the kids who have submitted it. So three girls submitted it, you can see the times they submitted it. If anybody submitted this and had a red flag, they would be up top. So if any kid submitted it and said they had COVID issues, you would see them with a big sort of red mark, an X, and also you can set anybody up to receive automatic notifications if there’s a red flag. So if there was one, as the athletic director, I would get an email that said hey this kid submitted one that has a red flag. So that’s amazing to just have everything in one place.

Again, I can come in here as the AD and filter this out by anything. So right now you can see that this is filtered by softball, but if I wanted to look at my baseball team today, and let’s say not my softball team, I would just come on, click off baseball, unclick softball, hit select, and then view that filter. So now what you’ll see is as I just kind of refresh, here’s my baseball team. It looks like my teams are about, my baseball team is doing a better job so far today in terms of numbers. So you can see now from my baseball team everybody who’s put this in.

We also have a desktop view that has all kinds of stats and analytics that you can run at any time. So you can see what percentage of kids have submitted it for the day, what percentage of kids are red flags. This is great for contact tracing, I can always go back days, weeks, to see who submitted things with the red flag. On a specific team, on a specific day, if I ever have to track back to sort oof see you know that more global picture for contact tracing.

So again, we can actually sync this with your student information system too. We’re working with the smallest schools to the biggest. We have Newark Public Schools here in New Jersey with I think about 50,000 students and they use this everyday for their classes. So every single night we sync this. If there’s new students coming in, students leaving, it syncs it to the system. It puts kids in specific schools, they put kids in specific home rooms that change even in their high school every day. And it allows that sync to take place every night so that you’re looking at apples to apples.

If you’re thinking about even a rotating block scheduling situation, where teachers are checking kids into their first period class each day, but it rotates, we can set that up so that it rotates for you. So there’s just tremendous depth to this program, yet ease for people to fill out. So I really encourage you to think about this program. If you run camps if you know people who run camps, this is a great program for camps as well. They’re looking for solutions and it’s a very inexpensive program. You’re looking at about 90 cents per student or camper for an entire year.

So that’s a quick look at our daily health screening app.

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