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To say the least, the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety statistics behind distracted driving are alarming.

-Teens that looked away from the road for 2 seconds or longer were almost 4 times more likely to crash or nearly crash

-92% of teens said that they do at least one distracting activity every time they drive.

-Teens who thought their parents drove while distracted more often, drove distracted themselves more often.

In fact, 6 out of ten crashes involving teen drivers occur due to being distracted behind the wheel, making this issue one of the leading causes of motor accidents and fatalities in the US. And while text messaging comes up early and often, interacting with passengers, reaching for something, personal grooming, and singing also came up as reasons why teens find themselves distracted behind the wheel.

It’s with these statistics in mind that the University of Michigan Medicine Health System and the CS Mott Children’s Hospital created the Drive Smart campaign. Aimed to increase awareness to the dangers of distracted driving to teens and their parents across Michigan Medicine’s footprint, the team at re:group Media connected with Lighthouse Media and VNN to bring the message direct to just under 90 local communities across Michigan and Northern Ohio at scale through their high school athletic websites.


The campaign, which launched January 5th with a goal to reach 2.7M, promotes Drive Smart’s “Three Important Steps Parents Can Do Before Their Teen Learns to Drive” on the Drive Smart home page and is comprised of site take-overs, which put the message front-and-center on all home pages, content pages, and team schedules.


Together with Michigan Medicine, we’re hoping the campaign will help move the needle on this issue that affects young families across the country, and will ensure parents have all the information they need to educate their teens about how treacherous driving distracted really is. 


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