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As budget talks wrap up across the nation, high school athletic directors in local communities are being asked to do more with less. Cutting programs, sharing gear, and in some cases, being forced to fundraise nearly all the expenses they incur over a season is becoming the new norm, and nearly everything that goes into coordinating high school sporting events from posts to pylons has a price tag. At the same time, participation continues to increase, nearing 8M in 2017 who will on average play 20 games per season at 20,000 high schools, making the finding of creative revenue-earning or cost-cutting opportunities one of the most important and necessary tasks an athletic director must do on a yearly basis.

Today, VNN, America’s largest and fastest growing high school sports communication platform, is giving its 3,000 partner athletic directors a much-needed assist, launching the VNN Pro Shop with Amazon Business. The storefront gives high school athletic directors and their coaches instant access to hundreds of thousands of sports equipment SKUs stocked by Amazon, including discounts from major brands like Franklin Sports and Champion Sports. Now available through the professional portal of VNN’s communication platform, VNN Home, the Pro Shop connects athletic departments to equipment purchases alongside the key administrative and content creation functions they already use to manage and engage with their local sports communities. 

“So much in high school sports begins and ends with athletic directors and their office staff,” said VNN Marketing Director Romy Glazer. “As a group, they often play an important, behind-the-scenes role in our local communities, ensuring young athletes have numerous opportunities to grow through sports programs. We’re excited about the immediate impact the Pro Shop launch can have in supporting that mission by easing the pressure on our partners who now will be able to capitalize on the power of Amazon Business to meet their goals. At the same time, we’re excited to reaffirm VNN’s dedication to being a champion for school sports across the country.”

Visit the VNN Pro Shop here.

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