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Last weekend, nearly 300 students from 76 high schools across the country logged online to compete in VNN’s Summer Bash esports tournament with AVGL.

This free, two-day competition allowed athletes to win gear, grants, and glory for their schools – all while getting on the radar for college esport scholarships.

Day 1: Fortnite

The tournament kicked off Saturday afternoon with 123 teams participating in Fortnite duos. Teammates vJawnn and YoZann from East River High School (FL) scored a whopping 91 points to earn a first-place victory.

Teams from Bradford Preparatory School (NC) and Timber Creek High School (TX) scored 76 and 75 points, respectively, to claim a close second and third place. MVP went to player dkmango from Bradford Prep, who finished the day with 34 eliminations. 

VNN Summer Bash Fornite tournament winners.

Day 2: Rocket League

On Sunday, 17 teams participated in a 3v3 Rocket League tournament. In a close championship match, team Reboot Esports knocked out team Panda Express 1-0.

Panda Express claimed second place while team Perspective Esports snagged third. With a killer ceiling shot against team The Homies, player Remade of Reboot Esports earned the title of MVP. 

VNN Summer Bash RocketLeague tournament winners.

Overall, this two-day competitive tournament gained plenty of hype and over 50,000 streams. 

Grant winners

After the event, AVGL gave $2,500 worth of gaming gear to the top placers while VNN awarded grants to the schools with the most sign-ups. With 88 registrations, Timber Creek High School (TX) won $2,000 for its athletic department

Sam Mizener, Virtual Manager of Timber Creek athletics, was excited to hear the news. He’d promoted the event on the school’s athletics website and social media, but was still surprised to learn that they won. The event had over 400 views on their site  – clearly giving students the reminder they needed to sign-up. 

In second place, Pomona High School (CA) earned $1,000 with 38 athletes signing up. Last but not least, Beloit Memorial High School (WI) received $500 with 13 sign-ups.

Next up: VNN’s support of esports will continue with our sponsorship of Intel Inspires, a three-day esports recruiting event. We’re excited to join TikTok, NickEh30, High School Esports League and more in partnering with AVGL for this exciting event.

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